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RWSI provides you quality fabricated products with excellent engineering services!


Rightway Specialized Industries ME LLC is a leading engineering company that provides Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium fabrication,products for the construction, infrastructure and industrial sectors and other engineering services. We also provide the best solutions for all types of architectural Fabrication.

Rightway has a skilled workforce of fabricators & welders with certifications in welding procedures to meet our customer's requirements. The experience ofworking with thin to thick materials has sharpened their skill in MIG & TIG welding procedures. Rightway has many Years of experience working in food & pharmaceutical industries that require fabrication. Complicated parts can be set up at the welder's Bench and inspected using the latest technology prior to completing the part to ensure that the fabrication is manufactured to our customer's requirements. Simple clamping and bracing are routinely utilized, but custom dedicated jigs and fixtures are used to provide repeatability Anode efficiency in the manufacturing process.

Products & Services:
• Tanks (Circular, Rectangular), Bollards, Barriers,
• Brackets. -Piping Spools, Boiler Support Structures,
• Railings. -Form Staircase,
• Light Poles. -Pergola - an outdoor open structure that can be used to display ramblers or as a means to shade the outdoor seating area
• Handrails
• CAT Ladders
• CAGE Ladders
• Gantry Cranes, Machining Components
• Structural MetalWorks (Industrial, Warehouses, Factories, Mezzanine Floors)
• Platforms
• Staircases
• Car Parking Sheds.
• Columns / Pillars / Structure
• Spreader Beam / Lifting Devices
• Steel piping / Steel Products
• Storage Tanks.
• Handrails, Cat Ladders, Cage Ladders, Platforms, Misc. Metals Works.
• Gratings, Checkered Plate Forms, Walkways
• Silos and onsite Tanks.
• Pressure vessels
• Cement Storage / Industries Equipment
• Handrails / Balustrades.
• Cat Ladders / Walkaways.
• Spiral Staircase.
• Rail Lying jigs & fixtures.
• Bridge Load Beams
• Conveyors Systems
• Hoppers / Chutes
• Canopy / Cladding
• Sky Light & Domes
• Garbage skips / Garbage chutes
• Interior decorative artefacts tanks vessels
• Skids / Baskets
• Kitchen Equipment
• Concrete Molds
• Onsite structural repairs & Refurbishments
• Mezzanine/ Warehouse
• Overhead Cranes / JIB Cranes
• Fans & Blowers
• Process Tanks / Vessels