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Generator Repair & Services

UAE’s Leading Generator Service Provider!

Generator Repair & Services

Capabilities & Services Offered: Capabilities & Services Offered

1) Enhancing the capacity and efficiency of Generators. (THERMAL & HYDRO) up to 150 MW
2) Manufacturing of Stator Coils from 3.3 KV to 15 KV up to 250 MW
3) Manufacturing of Rotor Field Coils.
4) Re-insulation of Rotor Field Coils.
5) Assembly of Stator, Core, Coils etc.
6) Testing and commissioning of Generators.
7) Overhauling.
8) Cryogenic Cleaning.
9) Bearing Change.

Rightway’s manufacturing facilities are located in Al Quoz Dubai and AlHamra Ras Al Khaimah

Rightway has carried out successfully, refurbishing and repairing of a series of Thermal / Hydro Generators in many Power Co’s Power Stations. Besides that, we carry out rewinding / re-insulation jobs of HT / LT Motors, Generators of Electricity Boards, and many Factories in and around UAE. Rightway has successfully carried out repairs to Stator winding of high-power equipment to the entire satisfaction of client. We have completed the job of Rewinding & core refurbishment of many units. We would be extremely pleased to be able to be of service to your Organization. We request you to send us your enquiries to enable us to give you competitive offers. Should you need any further information regarding Rightway performance and capabilities, please do not hesitate to write to us. As a first step, we are keeping ourselves in readiness to discuss this subject with your representative.

Condition And Monitoring

Online Mode
• Partial Discharge Measurement
• Vibration Spectrum Analysis
• Thermography
• Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)
• Current Spectrum Analysis

Offline Mode
• Capacitance & Tan Delta Test
• Dielectric Discharge Test
• Partial Discharge Test
• Surge Comparison Test
• IR and PI Measurement
• HV DC and HV AC Test
• EL-CID Test on Stator Core
• Wedge Tapping Test or Wedge Deflection Test
• Motor Current Analysis (MCA)
• RTD Resistance and IR Check
• Thermostat Resistance
• Endoscopic / Visual Inspection
• Stator and Rotor Winding resistance
• Re-Current Surge Oscilloscope (RSO)
• Rotor Winding resistance
• Rotor Winding impedance
• Thermostat Resistance
• Diode Check
• Rotor Pole Drop Test
• Exciter / PMG Test

Projects In Generator

1. Rewinding of Stator and ELCID test of 94 MVA Gas Turbine Generator of 13.8 KV (Al Ghanem – DEWA Project).

2. Repairs to 12 MW Russian make Generator Rotor of Turbo Generator No. 2 (Make KHARKKOV, Plant of Locomotive Equipment, Ukarain) of Power and Blowing Station, of Steel Authority of India Limited, Bhilai Steel Plant. Bhilai

3. Refurbishing of rotor field pole coils of 135 MW, 11KV generator (5Nos) of Nagjahari Power Station, K.P.C.L. Kalinadi Hydro Electric Project.

4. Recoring / Rewinding of field coils of generator No. 2 of Tata Electric Company Khopoli Power Station.

Special Repairs To Stator Bars:

1. Design, fabrication, manufacturing, testing and installation of 11KV, 30 MW Hydro Generator (EE make) Stator Bars, Winding Accessories of Tata Power Company Limited, Bhira.

2. Design, fabrication, manufacturing, testing and installation of 11.5 KV, generator stator coils suitable for 30 MW Siemens make Generator at Ugar Sugar Works Ltd. Ugar Khurd, Karanataka. This includes all winding accessories and insulation materials.

3. Design, Mfg. & supply of stator coils for 25 MW. 11 K.V. E.E. make Generator of T.P.C.L. Bhira H.P.S.Set No – 4

4. Manufacturing of 30 MW, 11.5 KV Siemens make Gen. Stator Coils, of Shreeram Vinvl & Chemicals Industries. Kota.

5. Rewinding of 20MW, 11KV Parsons make Turbo Generator / stator At Burnpur site, West Bengal, including supply of 66 Top & 66 Bottom coils.

6. Supply of spare stator coils for 50 M.W. 11 KV Alis Charms make Generator of K. S.E. Board Moozhiyar H.P.S. Kerala.