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Product Range:

Our product range varies from Low Voltage to High Voltage Current and Voltage Transformers with multiple applications.

Our various products are:

  • Outdoor Oil Cooled Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 132kV
  • Outdoor Combined Unit of Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 33 kV
  • Resin Cast, Indoor Current and Voltage Transformers and Residual Voltage Transformers upto and including 33kV
  • Special Purpose Transformers such as Neutral Grounding Transformers, Control Transformers, Earthing Transformers upto 22kV and 250kVA
  • DC Current and Voltage Transformers upto 50,000A and 3,000Volts
  • High Current CTs with split core arrangements for furnace duty upto 60,000A
  • High Current Ring Type Current Transformers upto 20,000A, 22kV system voltage for Generator Busducts
  • Low Tension Tape Insulated and Resin Cast Current and Voltage Transformers, Core Balance Current Transformers, Summation Current Transformers, Auxiliary Current Transformers and Precision Grade Current and Voltage Transformers.
  • High Voltage Tester from 2.5kV to 300kV
  • Metering Cubicles upto and including 33kV

Special Designs:

The Company undertakes design and development of any type of Instrument Transformers upto 33kV System Voltage for Indoor application and 132kV System Voltage for Outdoor application, tailor-made to suit the special electrical and dimensional specifications required by the customer. RWSI supplies products as per IS, IEC, ANSI, BS, Australian Standard, DIN Standard.

11KV Fuse Type VT

Core Balance CTs

CRGO Cores

Outdoor CT's & VT's

Outdoor CT's & VT's

CT-VT Combine Unit

Core Balance Current Transformers

2.5-5 K.V. H.V. Tester

L.T. Window Type CT's


Indoor Cubicales

Indoor Cubicales

KV Fuse Type VT

Fuse Type 11 K V V .T.

Fuse Type 22 KV V T

Woundingprimary 11 K V C.T

33K V V T

Wound Primary 33K V CT

HT Indoor Resin Cast Window Type CT's

HT Indoor Wound Primary CT'S

Neutral GroundingTransformers

132 KV Oil Cooled V.T.

132 KV Oil Cooled C.T.

Indoor Cubicales

33 KV C. T

33 KV V T


66 K V VT

Indoor Cubicales

Indoor Cubicales

Indoor Cubicales

LT Window Type CT

OutDoor Oil-Cooled Instrument Transformers

22 K V Double Pole V T