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HVAC System

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HVAC System

Rightway Specialized Industries Middle East LLC (HVAC division) Dubai is a service-oriented organization based in Dubai. The company is dedicated to offering high quality service & is backed by an experienced team of people. We undertake a variety of jobs such as.

1) Manufacturing, Re-Tubing, Repairing And Servicing Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger (Evaporator)

All Brands / Models

Manufaturing Re-Tubing Repairing

Repairing andTube plugging | Coaxial Heat exchanger Gasket replace

Shell & Tube Evaporator Fabrication &Nitrogen Pressure Test

2) Manufacturing, Servicing And Repairing Of Industrial Oil Cooler.

Customized Oil cooler as per client requirements (SS / MS - COPPER)

» We Also Make Customized Heat Exchanger As Per Client Requirement.
» We Can Increase The Capacity Of Existing Heat Exchanger Also
3) De scaling Of Water Cooleed Centrifugal Chillers (Compressor And Evaporators.)

4) Compressor Repairing, Overhauling, Servicing And Rewinding (Semi- Hermatic Reciprocrating)

5) Chiller Ahu And Fahu Refurbishment

» Replacemnt Of Sandwich Panels, Doors, Unit Body Frame& Etc.

6) Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

» Chiller, Ahu, Fahu, Fcu, Split, Ductable, Window Ac &Etc.
» We Take Amc For, Building, Factory, Office And Warehouse Etc.

7) Manufactruing And Supply Of Condensor And Evaporator Coils As Per The Client Requirement

8) Manufacturing And Supply Of Chillers Up To 15 Ton (Double System)

9) EmergencyChiller / AC Repairand Attending Services

10) Cooling Tower Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repairing, & replacement of cooling tower

11) Motor & Blower

Contact Person –
1) Jineesh Antony - +971 52 405 9783.
2) Siju Vijayan - +971 50 707 6387.