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HV Motor Repair & Services

UAE’s Leading HV Motor Service Provider!

HV Motor Repair & Services

(1) Repairing & Rewinding

• Repairs, Rewinding, Redesigning and Reconditioning of A.C. Stators and Rotors to 13.8 KV. Made to its original / designed specifications and tested according to the latest International / National Standards. Manufacturing and supply of form wound coils set to Medium and High voltage A.C. Stators / Rotors in F &H class Insulation system Up to 13.8 KV Motors, Generators. Conforming to clients' specified drawing or the sample.

• Repairs, Rewinding, Redesigning and Reconditioning of Armatures and Magnet frames of D.C. Motors, Generators and Traction Motors. Manufacturing of spare coils of different sizes & shapes for the same.

• Field services provided by our Technicians and Engineers for Installation of Coils of large machines on site to save clients cost and Time.

• Also provides field services of our Technicians and Engineers to carry out thorough REPAIRS & OVERHAULS of your Motors, Generators & Transformers on site or our works. Rotor re-barring, supply of bars of any shape and joint less end rings. Rebuilding of worn-out shaft & housing using low heat thermal spray technology. Replacement of new shaft and bearing housing.

• Stators, Rotors and Armatures Core Staggering / building and Replacement.

• Repairs, Manufacturing and Rebuilding of Commutators & Sliprings of all types and sizes.

• Repairs, Rewinding and Reconditioning of Transformers up to 20 MVA / 132 KV.

• Dynamic Balancing of rotating machines to 25 Tons weight on microprocessor-based machine.

• Vibration Analysis and In-Situ dynamic balancing.

• Modification / Upgrading / Redesign of Motors, Generators to improve their rating and efficiency. Supply and fixing ferromagnetic and metallic wedges / putty.

• Residual life assessment (Online and Offline Testing). Entry level measurement and alignment system for rotating machines.

(2) Testing& Evaluation.

We are expertise and strict adherence to ISO Quality Standards enable us to assess the overall physical aspects of the windings and the stator core. Photographs of winding are taken accurate dimensions are measured and documented of the windings and core; and the Stator core is tested and evaluated. A determination is made on whether the core integrity is good or if it can be improved. All care is taken to ensure the rewind is completed in a timely manner, passes all testing and a visual inspection shows the winding auxiliary components such as wedges, blocking, surge rings, and connections are neat and in the right place. At RWSI we aspire for Our rewind work to be better than the original.

• Auto transformers to 2000 Amps.
• Battery operated measure up to 10 KV.
• AC High voltage breakdown tester up to 60 KV.
• Surge comparison tester up to 40 KV.
• Tan Delta & Capacitance Tester.
• Resistance & Inductance Meter.
• Vibration analyzer cum portable dynamic balancing machine.
• DC power source, Flux loop testing kit (ELCID Test).
• AC/DC Multimeter, Clamp meter.
• Inter turn short cum polarity Tester.
• Stator Wedge Analyzer KIT.
• MDSP3 kit for induction motor.
• DRA-3 Dielectric Response Analyzer.
• DELTAMAXX®15 Digital Loss Factor and Capacitance Analyzer with power source.
• Test bench for no load testing of LT & HT repaired motors up to 6.6 KV ratings at rated voltage.

(3) Coil Manufacturing & Spare.

Call Us For Computer Aided Designed, Made To Order Coils Of Electrical Motors & Generators Upto 13.8 Kv.

Today the breakdown of large electrical machines, even before the minimum expected period can create a crisis in the industry, adversely giving a long breaking the production of the industry, facing a direct threat to its bottom line. Downtime alone cost you colossal Amount and recovery are unthinkable. So, the only way of avoiding such time wastage, production losses would be calling our expert team & providing us with your detailed coil data beforehand so that we can supply you the stock specific designed coil well in advance. As you know, making new coils would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Plus 8-10 days for rewinding thus saving time & loss of production.

We manufacture spare sets of coils to any specifications up to 20 MVA capacities and 132 KV as per drawing and technical specification or samples. No matter the size, capacity or working voltage of the machine, coils can be manufactured to fit any machine by using sophisticated Designed machines, best quality materials& most modern insulation systems to match to any class.

• Stator Coils for Hydro Generators.
• Stator Coils for Turbo Generators.
• Stator Coils for Large A.C. Sync Machines.
• Field Coils for Hydro Generators.
• Oil Rig Machines.
• Armature & Field Coils for Traction Motors/Generators.
• For H.V / L.V Motors. For Hydro / Turbo Generators.
• For AC / D.C. Machines.
• For Traction machine.

(4) Laser Alignment & Vibration

Horizontally mounted machines often consist of a pump and a motor but can also include other types of machines such as gearboxes and Compressors. Regardlessof the machine type, it is easy to measure and align with Easy-Laser® E420.

This program is used for alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines, e.g., pumps, motors, gear, boxes. Shows center offset, angular error, and shimvalue at each bolt.

• The value program can be used, e.g. when one wants to measure as with dial gauges and to check the bearing play or shaft load. With the Standard equipment and completely normal set up on the machine!
• The instrument has the following features: Accurate measurement for 3 selectable frequency ranges. Real-time measurement of the total vibration level and theBearing Condition (BC), shown simultaneously. Headphone set with volume control and high pass filter for bearing noise detection. Listening to bearing soundwhile comparing the displayed BC value
. • Measurement units and measurement, presentation may be selected by the user from the following list: g (RMS,Peak or P-P) mm/sec (RMS,Peak or P-P µm (RMS, Peak or P-P) Inch /sec (RMS, Peak or P-P) Mils (RMS,or P-P).
• Bearing Condition measurement in a wide frequency range (0,5-30 kHz).
• Built-in infrared temperature sensor, units in *C or *F.
• Bar indicator shows measurement stability.
• Fast and easy fault analysis displaying the largest amplitude peak frequency in CPM or Hz on the main screen display. Large dynamic range of the vibration signal (up to 50 g). High performance accelerometer.Clear, vibration, temperature, and danger alarms by red and yellow color LED’s.
• Advanced technology with DSP processor.
• Dust and waterproof, for rough use (IP 65).

(5) CO2 Cleaning

• CRYOGENIC CO2 TECHNOLOGIES were founded in 2003 and was primarily a sales agent for Littman - Germany, who is a leading manufacturer of Dry Ice Cleaning equipment.
• The prohibitive cost of the equipment has prompted us to offer this modern and effective cleaning method to industry through service.
• Cryogenic cleaning or Dry Ice Blasting, as it is more commonly termed, is used worldwide in varied industries such as tire, printing, aeronautical, food, electrical, rubber mold, automobile, restoration, and a host of other industries.

Cryogenic cleaning is a process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at a high velocity to impact and clean a Surface.
Traditional methods of cleaning, like bead blasting and sand blasting clean through a chiseling action, much like using an ice pick Often damaging the substrate.

Cryogenic cleaning on the other hand might be compared to a spatula as it lifts the contaminant away. The advantages of the method may be summarized as under
• Provides a Cleaner Clean
• Reduced time - allows most items to be cleaned in place.
• Is a non-abrasive, nonflammable, and nonconductive cleaning method.
• Is environmentally friendly and contains no secondary contaminants such as solvents or grit media.
• Can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanical parts or creating fire hazards.
• Can be used to remove production residues, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and bio films.
• Can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling. Cleans even Hard to Reach nooks and crannies.
• Increases Machine life. The cleaning equipment is pneumatically operated at a pressure of 5- 6 bar and requires an air volume of 7 cubic meters per minute
• Can be run on plant air. The equipment is compact and mobile and is easily moved to the location of the machine to be cleaned.
• Cryogenic CO2 Technologies India now makes available this unique industrial cleaning proposition at your doorstep and at very Affordable prices.
• The service is available on a 24-hour basis with a minimal lead time.
• Does contact us to enable us to understand your requirements more completely and so that we chjdyan jointly work out solutions that will? Meet with your Maintenance needs cost effectively.

(6) Dynamic Balancing

• Belt Drive Balancers
• Cross Flow Fan Balancers
• Self-Drive Balancers
• Soft Bearing Balancers
• Special Balancing Machines
• Universal Joint Balancers
• Drive Shaft Balancers
• Axial Flow Balancers
• Automatic Balancers
• Vertical Balancing Machines
• Auto-Positioning Balancers
• Portable Field Balancers
• Measuring Systems
• Special Balancing Machines


Our product range varies from Low Voltage to High Voltage Current and Voltage Transformers with multiple applications.

Our various products are:
• Outdoor Oil Cooled Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 132 kV
• Outdoor Combined Unit of Current and Voltage Transformers upto and including 33 kV
• Resin Cast, Indoor Current and Voltage Transformers and Residual Voltage Transformers upto and including 33 kV
• Special Purpose Transformers such as Neutral Grounding Transformers, Control Transformers, Earthing Transformers upto 22 kV and 250 kVA
• DC Current and Voltage Transformers upto 50,000A and 3,000Volts
• High Current CTs with split core arrangements for furnace duty upto 60,000A
• High Current Ring Type Current Transformers upto 20,000A, 22 kV system voltage for Generator Busducts
• Low Tension Tape Insulated and Resin Cast Current and Voltage Transformers, Core Balance Current Transformers, Summation Current Transformers, Auxiliary Current Transformers and Precision Grade Current and Voltage Transformers.
• High Voltage Tester from 2.5kV to 300 kV
• Metering Cubicles upto and including 33 kV