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Waterjet / Laser Cutting Services

Qualified mechanical and industrial engineering experience in a manufacturing environment!

Waterjet/Laser Cutting Service

We offer Waterjet/Laser Technology based contract cutting services solutions to the requirement of industries specific needs. With the machine capable up to 4100 bar pressure / 3 kw respectively. Rightway offers the flexibility to cut various materials like stainless steel, mild steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Hardon, Aluminium, Rubber, Engineering plastics, Architectural plastics, and host of difficult materials with high precision. Our machine is capable to cut up to 200mm thickness of stainless steel. We also provide value added services like cutting artistic Shapes and designs in different materials.

Material Cutting:

We stand for higher thickness cutting solution to 200mm thickness for various materials with superior finish, speed, productivity and on time Delivery. For metal cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, foam cutting, steel cutting, Precision, productivity and efficiency are the benefits of waterjet cutting.

Main Benefits
• 100% Committed Delivery schedule. - Optimal material utilization IGEMS software.
• Cold cutting process - eliminates heat affected zones in waterjet.
• hardening of material and stress. - Clean finished product eliminates secondary machining & cleaning operations with accuracy up to +- 0.05mm. - Extremely
• fast transition from drawing to cutting.
• Faster setup-low tangential forces often eliminate the need for clamping high accuracy eliminates secondary cutting. - Fast cutting speed a capacity
• 4500 bar pressure. - Eliminates the need to sharpen tools. - Safer for operators and the environment- Avoids vapor, dust, smoke and does not require
Expensive coolants. - Customized profile cutting solutions. - Our cutting services 1) Al Quoz-Dubai, 2) Al Hamra industry-RAK.

Areas of application:
- Metal structure work.
- Metal artwork/signage
- Nontraditional metals
- Automotive.
- Aerospace / Spacecraft Industries
- Electricals & Electronics Industries.
- Foam Products
- Fiberglass
- Rubber molding
- Gasket.
- Slitting operations/trim & hole cuts.
- Medical/Surgical
- Arms Industries.
- Construction Industries
- Interior decoration Industries
- Oil & Gas.