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Find your career at RIGHTWAY
Throughout your career in Rightway you will be given the opportunity to grow in new directions. We offer a wide range of roles and strong career development at Rightway. We focus heavily on leadership training as this drives our high-performance culture and ensures we deliver results. Employees are rewarded with competitive packages and flexible benefits to suit their lifestyle needs.

Career path
It is important that you get a glimpse of what careers look like in Rightway. If you decide to join us, it will be your career that we are talking about. You don’t have to stay in the same lane your entire career. You might enter into Rightway as a specialist and choose to further your career as a project manager.

Developing you
Our employees have a very specific skill – a strong learning ability. We value not just what you already know and can do today, but also your ability and capacity to keep learning from people, networks, situations and the world around you.

Leaders are both teachers and students, able to be a role model and increase the skills and experiences of others, but also learning new skills themselves, through being attentive, listening and responding to both our employees and our consumers.

A Great Place to Work
When you join Rightway, we want you to feel part of our Company straight away. We care for our employees, and whilst we will expect a lot from you professionally, we will also offer you a great deal, in terms of benefits, development, and hopefully a lot of fun along the way.

Learning & Development

Your personal development
We are strongly committed to learn and development and encourage our employees to be curious, take initiative and be responsible for their own learning. We are passionate about personal development and as part of Rightway being a great place to work, you will have a Development Plan that will be supported by your manager. This Development Plan can offer a range of learning and development options including on-the-job training, coaching & mentoring, e-learning, internal courses and programmes, as well as externally recognized professional qualifications based on your needs and career aspirations.

• Our company’s values and mission are at the heart of everything we do. Make sure our values fit with yours before applying as they drive how we work

• Your application and CV are your first chances to make a great impression. Make sure you spend the time to highlight your achievements explaining why you are the right fit for the role

• Ensure you complete all the required fields in the application form

• Play close attention to the requirements for the role in the advert – the hiring manager will be reviewing your application in line with these requirements

• You may know someone that works for us. Use your friends, family and network to find out more about our roles and what it is like to work here

Interview and Assessment Stage
• Review the map provided to you and the venue for the interview. All our interviews at Head Office are either based in Nene Hall or our distribution centre – make sure you know where you are going and plan your route

• Prepare for the interview – consider the questions you may get asked and write down your answers. Learn more about us through researching our company on our website and on other social media platforms

• We will ask to see a copy of your right to work documents at interview – make sure you follow the interview invite guidance bringing the required documents

When you are answering questions make sure you tell us about your contribution, giving examples in a STAR format:
o S – what was the situation?
o T – what was the task? What were you trying to achieve?
o A – what action did you take? Try to think about any relevant data that demonstrates your actions
o R – what was the result? Be sure to tell us about examples where you have had successful outcomes

• Make sure you listen to the question being asked, don’t feel you need to rush an answer – take some time to consider your best example. If you need a question repeating feel confident to ask the interviewer to do this

• Try to keep your answers concise and pitch the answer to your audience ensuring you don’t use too many acronyms

• Practice, find a friend or family member that can support you to prepare and practice your interview answers

• If you are attending an assessment day make sure you are clear on what you need to prepare before arriving.

Making an offer
• At the end of each assessment all the assessors meet to discuss each candidate. We discuss how you have performed in the assessments and prepare feedback for you

• Feedback will always be provided regardless of the outcome of the assessment

• If we make an offer contracts and offer paperwork will be with you in 15 days

• Sometimes individuals are working a long notice period before joining us. We like to keep in contact with new hires when this happens so make sure you share your contact details with the hiring manager

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